Cleaning Products with Pets

Welcome back people!  I hope that you are enjoying reading my posts about my cute little pets and the things that we do to keep them happy and healthy!  Please remember you are able to CONTANT ME with any helpful suggestions or if you would like me to post about a certain subject.  I would love to hear from you and your furry friends!

What I have been thinking about a lot lately is what cleaning products I should be using that keep my pets safe and healthy.  If you are like me, you clean and clean and then clean some more.  Sometimes I can get a little out of control with the cleaning… that’s normal, right?!  I like my house to be germ-free.  I often wonder if the cleaning supplies I am using are totally safe for my pets.  Since they often are licking things or eating off the floor, they may be ingesting those cleaners.  My friends at Fresno Shades suggested that we ask our veterinarian for a pet friendly window and drapes cleaner, since our dogs love to look out/ lick the windows.  A lot of the “grocery store” cleaning supplies are made with multiple chemicals.  We see articles about safe cleaning around children, but not much about animals.

So, what exactly are the best, pet friendly cleaners to use?  Are there any natural recipes that you use to clean your home?

Baking soda, dawn dish soap, and vinegar are great cleaning alternatives that are provided naturally.  Also, if cleaning with regularly purchased cleaning products, make sure that the area is completely dry and all cleaning products are put away before letting your furry friend back into the cleaned area.  If you are going to continue to use the “grocery store” products, you can just as easily wash the area with water afterwards to sort of clean the cleaned area to make it safer for your little friends.

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Cat Loving

Welcome back everyone.  I know that most of my posts have focused on dogs, so I wanted to make a shout out to all of you cat lovers out there.  WOOWOO!! You know who you are!  I love my cats and I felt like they needed their time to shine! I know some of my cats would get offended had they found out I did not give them something loving.

So, since we talked about bathing dogs, I wanted to take this post to talk about grooming for cats.  Is it necessary to bathe your cat?  Or do they wash themselves?  Could it really be that easy?

The answer is yes.  Cats are able to stay reasonably clean on their own.  I always remember my mother when I was little yelling at me that the cats cleaned themselves and I did not need to worry so much! Seldom will they need to be actually given a bath.  Awesome, right?  I mean, I have to bathe the dogs at least once a month because they either get dirty or they stink.

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Dog Bath

So, when you are giving your dog a bath, what type of shampoo should you be using?  Throughout the years, we have tried multiple types of shampoos, and we haven’t really decided what is the best kind to use.  What is your favorite shampoo to use with your dogs?  Is it medicated or does it just smell delicious?

There are multiple kinds of shampoos on the shelves of the pet stores for use on dogs.  We have used the flea-medicated shampoos down to the “Bed Head” brand for dogs.  They have a bottle that smells exactly like watermelon blow-pops.  DELICIOUS!  And your dog actually smells like the shampoo after they get out of the tub… You mean they can smell like something else other than wet dog?!  I’m in, right?!  What more could you ask for?!  I could seriously use it to wash my hair!  But should you be using the medicated shampoos?  Or should you be using the organic shampoos that don’t have much scent?

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Dental Care for Dogs

Dental Care for Dogs

So as it goes, it was just a normal day when I took my dog to his annual vet visit.  The doctor mentioned that my dog was starting to get plaque build up on his teeth. Now I know what it looks like for humans, but for DOGS?!  Your dog should be receiving regular dental care while at home, I know I am not brushing his teeth.  Feeding your dog hard food is beneficial in cleaning their teeth, but it is not sufficient in completely caring for your dog’s teeth.  She mentioned that brushing your dog’s teeth will allow you to remove plaque and tartar build up, which I stated would be difficult since my dog resists any type of grooming attempts. I think all you dog owners out there can agree that they are not the most patient creatures out there.

He hates getting his hair cut, ears cleaned, or flea medicine administered.  So after a failed attempt to even get a toothbrush near his mouth, I asked what other options there were. Seriously doc, help me out here! Apparently, there are specific treats that are designed to clean teeth, if that is the route that you choose to go.  And can end up being pretty tasty for your dog!

So, what can you do to help your dog become used to having their teeth cleaned? 

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Hello Everyone!

Welcome to my site.  I am an avid pet lover and wanted to make sure everyone was well informed about what regular maintenance needs to be done in order to keep your pet safe, unlike some people I know out there.  This site will focus on the most popular house pets, so if you have some weird animal like a raccoon living inside, sorry, but this is not the place for you (But if you CONTACT ME, I will make sure that I write a special post just for you!) I am all bringing what people want to read.

How do I know what I am talking about, you ask?!

Well, as the father of two wonderful, furry dogs, one beautiful, clever cat, and multiple fish, I have been learning about parenting pets for years.  I am not a veterinarian, if that is what you are wondering, but I am in constant contact with our pet care providers and am well informed about the regular care of household pets (And no, I am not a crazy cat person, one cat, that is it!)

Like I said, I will try to cover all areas of regular pet maintenance, like vaccines, medications, food, grooming, and anything else that should regularly be done to keep your pet safe.  But please, do not ask me about your regular children as compared to your fur children.  I am not a pediatrician.  Humans need human doctoring.  And, if you feel that your pet needs immediate attention or if you are experiencing a pet emergency, call your vet immediately.  I am not a vet, nor do I pretend to be one.  If you are looking for when you need to take your dog for their rabies shots that is easy!! I am your man.

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